2nd october 2004

The Remarkable Case of Mr Vincent Shrigley

I roused myself from a reverie to find that the seat opposite me in the railway carriage now had an occupant: a smallish man dressed entirely in brown, proffering a paper bag. His face under its chestnut felt bowler was creased into a smile; an old but serviceable suit covered his limbs; the ensemble was completed by a scuffed pair of boots. Above his head on the rack was a well-used case, for samples perhaps as he looked the type to be a travelling salesman; but one never knows on the railways. His smile faded and he sighed.
"Lord, I love sweets. Humbug?"

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6th october 2004

we  *heart*  mammals


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7th october 2004

and not a mere device

'Half the places I have been to, never were,' the Golux said. 'I make things up. Half the things I say are there cannot be found. When I was young I told a tale of buried gold, and men from leagues around dug in the woods. I dug myself.'
'But why?'
'I thought the tale of treasure might be true.'

from James Thurber, The Thirteen Clocks

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21st october 2004

pass the salt, Walt

When I was standing in the moist night-air
When I was staring in perfect silence at the stars
There came up behind me the learn'd astronomer
Who poked me in the ribs and said
It always amazes me how they pay me to do this job.
And he stood a moment next to me and he looked too.
And as he turned to go told me, Be sure to look next Tuesday,
In the East, it's the maximum of the Leonids.
Then I went home to the can of leftover sardines
I remembered was waiting for me in the refrigerator.

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dawn is delicious
soup made from dew and birdsong
drink it with your ears

- Sue Cowling